Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Decorating Trends Seen By Local Painters in Ann Arbor

Do you follow new design trends? 

Is your house the sensation of the neighborhood?

Do you want your house to make your neighbors jealous?

Then you’ll want to know what’s in style for 2015! 

According to House Beautiful, home color trends for 2015 are:
local painters ann arbor

  1. Blue of the Mediterranean and the tops of churches in Santorini
  2. 60's colors like olive and orange
  3. Sour green mixed with anything
  4. Pastel palettes
  5. Neutral gray
  6. Renaissance inspired combinations
  7. Bold color mixing
  8. Warm tones like rust, olive, dusty mint, and aubergine
  9. Classics like black, white and gray with unexpected accents
  10. Deep rich blues with a glossy finish

Some of these trends may seem a little crazy (like olive green), but House Beautiful does a great job putting these trends into perspective. Take a look!

Are these trends that you see yourself following? There are lots of resources to get more ideas, including websites like Pinterest and Show us your favorite interior design paint color ideas, and we can help make them a reality!

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