Sunday, July 15, 2018

How to Create a Fun and Interactive Study Space with Paint

Want to use paint to infuse a little fun into your child’s study space? Looking for a unique approach to helping your kids to study and learn? Want some creative options to improve your kid’s study area at home?

Developing strong study habits can be a crucial part of your child’s early education. As parent’s, we can help kids with this skill by showing them that learning and studying are fun instead of a chore. How can we teach kids this important lesson? You might be surprised to hear that you can find an effective approach to making learning fun right in a bucket of paint!
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Make Learning Cool with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboards and chalkboard paint are on-trend right now, and can be a great tool for learning at home. The current popularity of chalkboard paint might have something to do with nostalgia in the age of electronics, but it’s equally appealing to kids and adults. Bring the fun to your kid’s bedroom, playroom, or study area by painting a section or entire wall with chalkboard paint and stock up on colorful chalk, chalk pens, erasers, and anything else you can think of! 

Using the chalkboard for learning and studying can help your kids visualize a concept they’re working on or imagine it in a different way. Getting active or easily distracted kids out of their seats and on their feet can also contribute to enhanced learning potential. Being able to write on the wall will be a huge fun-factor and strong motivator for kids to get into learning and studying. 

Attract Kids to Studying Like a Magnet

Brushing on a layer of magnetic paint to a wall in a bedroom, play area, or study space gives your kids freedom to play and learn with magnets, a less messy option than chalk for kids. Educational magnets allow children to explore subject areas like colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and beyond. Challenge your kids by coming up with sorting, arranging, or matching games with magnets for endless days of learning and fun. 

Magnetic paint is just like regular paint, except fine iron dust added in the mixture allows magnets to stick to the wall after the paint is applied. You can even put a layer of regular paint over the magnetic paint to blend the magnetic wall seamlessly with the rest of the room. 

Trust the Job to Professional Local Painters in Ann Arbor

You can do more to get your kids to learn through play with some creative paint application. Make the job easy on yourself when you trust your project to local painters in Ann Arbor at Mussio Painting. We treat every home like it’s our own and put our focus on customer satisfaction to deliver beautiful results. Give us a call today to talk about how we can help you improve your home with paint!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Best Paint Colors to Promote Kids’ Study Habits

Wondering what color to paint your child’s space for more effective studying? Want to use color to makeover a study space in your home? Interested in giving your kids a unique edge while they’re studying? 

Success in school can help our kids with their confidence today and lead to other successes tomorrow. It’s understandable that parents want to do everything in their power to help kids develop great study habits. One approach you may not have considered is giving their study area a makeover with a fresh coat of paint! Color psychology suggests we can actually promote a state-of-mind more conducive to studying with the right shades. Check out some ideas for study space colors below. 
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Use blue for a boost in productivity and a calming effect. If your child has some anxiety when it comes to school and studying, blue can be a great choice. Brighter hues tend to work better than pale blues. To avoid overwhelming the space, you can apply paint to an accent wall instead of the whole room. 


Use red for a surge of energy. Help your kids get through longer study sessions with a coat of warm and stimulating red paint. Don’t go too bright in the bedroom, though, or you could risk disturbing sleep. You also don’t want to pick an overly dark shade, or the color could be too distracting for study. 


Use yellow to promote energy and focus. Bright yellow, like red, can hinder sleep, so it’s a good idea to use a softer hue in the bedroom. For other rooms, you can pick a bright, bold shade. 


Use green for tranquility and concentration. This color will work in many shades for a study space. Bright or deep greens are great for big rooms or as an accent; lighter, fresher greens are a good choice for a smaller room. 


Use white for clarity and focus. Limit your kids’ mental distraction with clean white in any hue. Minimize glare for even sharper focus by choosing paint with a satin or matte finish.  

Give Your Project the Professional Touch with Local Painters in Ann Arbor

Choose one of these colors for a study room makeover and do even more to help your kids study at home. Make the job easy on yourself and trust the work to the local painters in Ann Arbor at Mussio Painting. We treat every home like it’s our own and put our focus on customer satisfaction to deliver beautiful results. Give us a call today to talk about how we can help you improve your home with paint!