Monday, June 14, 2021

How to Pick the Right Color for Your Home

residential painting in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is not a beach town and we don’t see a lot of bright turquois or coral houses. The colors that suit our architecture and environment are usually more traditional. But that doesn’t mean boring. Victorian houses can have palettes of four or more colors to really make that decorative style shine. Two-story houses often have different surface textures between stories, which is ideal for a two-toned look. What we’re seeing lately in colors is a lot of new, subtle hues because paint formulations are more stable than they used to be and don’t fade. Mussio Painting expects to see a lot more houses in fresh modern colors like grayish-green, or rose-lilac. Call Steve Mussio for residential painting in Ann Arbor at (734) 995-2646 and ask to see some contemporary color samples. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Stand Out with Color Trends for Your Ann Arbor Home

residential painting Ann Arbor
Gray continues to be a hugely popular choice for both interior and exterior colors and there are a lot of gray paint options to choose from. We think of grays as simple tints of black and white; a lot of black with a little white or almost all white with a bit of black. But grays can also be made with combinations of complementary colors. A yellow and a purple can make a gray. Lots of indistinct colors will look gray in low light, too. Blue paint on a cloudy day will seem grayer than anything else. Mussio Painting can help you find the perfect gray, from Seagull at Dawn, to Granite Pearl. Boy, the people who name the paint colors have a lot of fun, don’t they? Call Steve Mussio for residential painting in Ann Arbor at (734) 995-2646.