Friday, March 1, 2013

Lead Abatement?

Hi guys,

Spring is almost upon us and many of you are planning on giving your home a fresh new look this year. One of the things that I did to my home was to get some interior painting done. However, my home was built before 1978 so I knew that I needed to have find a contractor in the list of Ann Arbor Painters that was lead abatement certified.

I am glad that I knew that my house was built before 1978 and that no lead paint renovation had been done to it. I really love this house and I need it to be safe. The EPA has laws and regulations concerning who is able to perform these complex renovation procedures. My house painting contractor assured me that he was certified and told me that his guys took all the necessary classes and would work hard to make my my home safe. My painter was able to show me his certification and even went as far as to walk me through what on site practices he was going to conduct.

In closing, I want to really pound home the importance of making sure your home doesn't still have lead paint in it. If it does you NEED to make sure you find a company that is certified and knows what they are doing. Remember that it always is better to be safe and have piece of mind.



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