Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Simple Ways to Play with Paint Color & It’s Effect on Room Size

Want your room to feel bigger?

Are there unattractive items that are difficult to disguise or hide?

Does the room have a high ceiling?

There are simple ways to play with paint color that will trick the way your mind see your rooms’ shape and size. Research has shown that lighter and cooler colors tend to expand the perceived size of the room, while darker colors and warmer colors make things seem closer.
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We would like to let you in on a few of our color tricks that will help transform your house, including:
  1. Alter a room’s height – paint the ceiling a dark color
  2. Modify a small space – paint the walls and the ceiling the same color
  3. Change narrow spaces – paint the shorter walls a warmer color than the other walls, so, the end walls feel the closest to you
  4. Hide architectural features- paint all surfaces the same color

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