Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Does Your Job Have You Unhappy? Find Out How Colors Play a Vital Role in Your Office Mood!

What’s your mood like at work?

Are you productive?

Does your office style represent your company’s image?

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When picking a new paint color for your office, you want to ensure it encourages you to step into your best self. You probably realize that every color has the potential to trigger an emotion. If the color you pick fails to boost productivity or makes you feel depressed, or give you a headache, that’s not good. Imagine a workspace where time flies and you are super productive! You’d make your boss very happy. As a result, he might increase your wages!  

According to WebMD, “green can be a great choice for a home office." Green is the color of concentration," says Harrington. "It's one of the best colors to be surrounded by for long periods of time."

Depending on what mood you’re aiming for in your office there is a color that suits your needs:

Happy – yellow-greens and blue-greens
Calm – blues, greens, and turquoise
Anger/Inspiration – red
Warmth – brown, beige, yellow, and orange

Hopefully, some of these ideas help you make some decisions about your office color scheme and style. With so many choices and trends, it can be hard to perfect what you want out of the space you’re redecorating. There are lots of resources to get ideas, including websites like Pinterest and Houzz.com. Show us your favorite office paint color ideas, and we can help make them a reality!

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