Monday, May 1, 2017

What Causes Paint to Fade?

Are you not satisfied with the look of your paint?

Are you not satisfied with the look of your paint?

Is your paint starting to fade?

Are you wondering what could cause paint to fade in your home?
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According to Sherwin-Williams, there are many possible causes for fading paint, including:
  • Sunlight. As the coating ages, the fading can become more noticeable. Slight fading is acceptable, provided it is gradual and uniform so as not to be noticeable. Excessive chalking of the paint film will cause colors to appear lighter.
  • Interior-grade colorants used outside will fade.
  • Adding more tint to the coating than is recommended.
  • Significant sunlight exposure. Interior coatings may also fade if exposure to sunlight is prolonged.
  • Clean your walls as needed and repaint the surface using paint that’s fade-resistant!
  • Use curtains, shades or blinds to block the sunlight beating on your walls.
  • Prepare the surface! Spackle, sand, and prime!
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