Thursday, June 15, 2017

Protect Trim and Stairways from Your Pets

Is your home décor going to the dogs? Planning updates to your home around dogs or other pets? Wondering what will help new applications of paint hold up to your furry friends?

Your pets are loved and lovable parts of the family, but there’s no question they can cause more than their fair share of wear and tear on your house. Flooring, trim, and stairs are some of the more susceptible areas of your home prone to scuffs and scratches. You might not even think an upgrade or new coat of paint is worth it. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your efforts pay off. 

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Oil-based paints aren’t as easy to work with, and may not be the best choice for very inexperienced painters, but they offer a very clean finish and stand up great to typical wear from pets. 


Selecting a finish in the glossy category for your trim or stairs will do a lot for durability and clean-ability. The sleek look adds considerable slipperiness to the painted surface, however. 


Available wherever paint is sold, paint additives are purchased separately and mixed into paint producing varying effects. Additives which add non-slip texture to your painted surface are a great choice to make your stairs safer for pets and people. 


It’s an extra step you might not be excited about taking, but adding a layer or two of polyurethane to your stairs or other high traffic areas will save you from extra work or unsightly wear long term.  

Following these tips as you choose paint and other materials to improve your home will help your painted surfaces last longer under the pressure of paws and will likely be safer for your pets and family. 

If you have more questions about pet-friendly painting practices, give us a call at Mussio Painting, your local painters in Ann Arbor. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed as we treat your home like ours!

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