Saturday, August 1, 2020

Best Exterior Paint Color By Home Style

Whatever color scheme you choose for your home it should complement your home’s architecture, not conflict with it. Sticking with these themes will make your home look sharp and classic.
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  1. Craftsman: Craftsman style homes have traditionally been painted with complementary earth tones. They can also be brightened up with light green and blue tones.
  2. Mid-century modern: Anything goes with this retro style. They tend to feature bold color combinations that can go from turquoise and white to pink pastels to classic earth tones. Take cues from your home’s surroundings when choosing exterior paint for your mid-century modern.
  3. Victorian: Victorian homes are gorgeous in light neutrals or bright colors. If you can find out more about the history of your home, restoring it to its original color can be a great bet. Whatever you choose, highlight the Victorian architecture with accents of contrasting color. 
  4. Ranch: Ranch style homes can benefit from a neutral palette. White or ivory paint can brighten up a brick ranch as well. Allow yourself to use the building material as a guide when choosing an exterior color.
  5. Farmhouse: Farmhouse style homes look fantastic in white. White with black, blue, or red shudders will always look classic on a farmhouse style home. 
  6. Mediterranean: Mediterranean style homes look best in warm earth tones. The building materials are complimented by red and orange-based tones. 

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