Saturday, May 1, 2021

Make the Most of Your Painting Investment By Picking the Right Colors!

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Choosing colors can be intimidating. Yes, you can paint over, but do you really want to? No. For interiors, stand at different places in your house and look around. Sometimes taking photos helps you see a space in a new way. Can you see the kitchen from the living room? Maybe you don’t want to have a green kitchen and a lilac living room. If it’s open concept, would color help separate workspaces from entertainment spaces? Think about what sort of feeling you want the color to give you. A bright red wall might work great in a workout space but seem intense for a bedroom. When you have some ideas get samples and paint some swatches. (Label them on the wall so you know which is which.) Then look at the swatches at different times of day as the light moves around the house, and under artificial light. You’re going to love your new space! Call Mussio Painting, a professional painting company in Ann Arbor at (734) 995-2646 for color advice and for a professional finished project. 

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