Sunday, August 15, 2021

Less Clutter, Make Your Home a Calming Sanctuary!

professional painters Ann Arbor

Have you suddenly realized you have too much stuff? 

It happens – especially when you’re home a lot. If you decide to organize your clothes closets, start by taking everything out. You’ll be amazed at the piles of things you own. You can sort things into categories like “donate,” “sell” or “rags.” People shop online for all kinds of things and if you have an unworn pair of basketball shoes, you might very well find a buyer. Don’t donate stained or torn clothes; clothes you’ve have worn to paint the garage should become cleaning rags. Before you put back your now much smaller pile of clothes, paint the closet while it’s empty. A fresh paint job can make it look like you have all new clothes. Steve Mussio has decades of experience! Call professional painters in Ann Arbor at (734) 995-2646.

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