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Identifying Lead Paint in Your Home

Was your home built before the 1980’s? 

In 1978, the United States banned the use of lead paint. If your home was built before the 1980’s, then it’s very likely that it has lead paint. 

It’s natural to feel worried about the potential health risks, especially if you have young children or are in the process of planning renovations. Understanding the risks and taking appropriate steps can help you make informed decisions to protect your family’s health. 

Identifying Lead Paint 

Homes built before the 1980’s likely contain lead paint. However, even homes built after this date may have areas where lead paint was used, especially if older layers remain intact beneath newer paint. 

While lead paint is typically found on walls, it can also be present on window frames, doors, and other surfaces. Lead paint may appear as chipped, peeling, or cracking paint often revealing multiple layers of paint underneath. 

Some ways to know for sure if your home contains lead paint or not, is to purchase a home testing kit. For a more thorough and accurate assessment, it’s wise to consider getting a professional inspection. They use specialized equipment and techniques to detect lead paint accurately. 

Learn how you can reduce your risk of lead paint exposure in our latest article! 

Your Local Interior Painters in Ann Arbor! 

Lead paint, once extremely popular in households for its durability and color retention, has become a cause for concern due to its toxic properties. Staying knowledgeable and aware of the state of your home are key in protecting your family against the dangers of lead poisoning. 

Hiring professional interior painters in Ann Arbor can help ensure that your home is painted in a safe way so your family will be protected for years to come. 

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