Monday, July 1, 2019

Choosing the Right Color For Your Hallway

local painters Ann ArborDon’t forget to decorate your hallways too! The trick to making the most of your hallway is choosing the right color for the type of space it is. Here’s how Mussio Paining, local painters in Ann Arbor, can help you achieve your dream hallway:

  • Entryways:
    • Because doors and windows provide natural light, you can play with darker, bolder colors!
  • Dark Hallways:
    • Use more saturated colors with lower levels of black in the base. Warm toned neutrals, soft grays, and powder blues are perfect!
  • No Windows:
    • With limited natural light, lighter shades of blue or green help create a brighter space. 
  • Small/Narrow Hallways: 
    • Lighter tones, such as soft grays and warmer beige, will open up your space and make the area feel bigger.

The color of your hallway is key to creating your home look. Check out some of our latest work here!

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