Monday, July 15, 2019

Paint Estimates: As Detailed as Our Painting!

local painters Ann ArborWe understand how scary contracting for painting work on your home can be. Most of our customers are afraid of being overcharged, especially when they don’t know what they’re paying for. Don’t worry – we’re local painters in Ann Arbor –we live in this town and our reputation matters!

Mussio’s team of local painters in Ann Arbor are well-known for incredible detail – even when we give you an estimate!

We'll be sure your estimate includes:
  • Size of room(s): larger rooms require additional labor costs, supplies, and time
  • Textured walls: walls with texture increases the surface area, and will need more paint coverage
  • Speed: time can be hard to estimate, but a thorough job leads to quality work
  • Multiple rooms or your whole house: costs depend on color, gloss, and room size
  • Carpentry: if woodwork needs to be repaired or rebuilt, we will include it in your estimate

Ready for your estimate? You can request your free estimate here.

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